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Why add  the name letrek?  It's easier to remember, faster to type and hint...it's my last name spelled backwards. It also represents le Trek... The journey... which we are all travel through life's paths.

I am currently working on a new collection of  innovative jewelry designs that will capture the letreK name  and new collection.  

Marcia Kertel Designs Hair Pins

I don't know how I managed without them. 




What's New- Gemstone Meanings and Photos

I am one who never makes a new year's resolution. But as I looked upon 2012 and looking forward to 2013 and beyond. I am not in so much as making a resolution but rather a goal acheivement. I want to bring more resources to my site. First order of business is allowing the shopper and browser to view stones and understand the meaning behind gemstones.

I have a new Category in my Photo Gallery: Gemstone Meanings and Photos. This will allow you, the shopper, to view your bead and gemstone selection for any of Marcia Kertel Designs jewelry. For example, the popular Pharoh Ring; I offer so many gemstone options listed in the webstore, I want you to be able to see the stones. In time I will include the meanings of each stone I offer. Vist  my Photo Gallery, choose the Category: Gemstone Meanings and Photos and view each stone available, I have included the link in the webstore as well.

Thank you for your patience as I continue to update photos and copy which allows you to have informative resources to make your selection(s). As always my pieces are custom made to order. I welcome your feedback to make your shopping experience the best.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2013 and beyond.



The Brooch is Back!

Find yours today.  Each Pin is custom made.

Visit my photo gallery page for show samples.

What's New -Wire Jewelry Artist of the Month

I have been selected as Wire Jewelry Artist of the Month.

August 2012

Click on the link below to see my write up, 




What's New- Titanium and Magnetic Jewelry


I have been so excited about working with Titanium and designing new pieces. I cannot seem to keep them in stock long enough to get them all in featured in my webstore.

Titanium metal has a grey almost antiqued appearance that looks great on both men and women. My extra small horseshoe chain is a great men's piece that is so unique with or without a pendant. It is an everyday chain. One of my favorite things about Titanium is that it is so lightweight and comfortable to wear and it is hypoallergenic. I can use Titanium to make my ear wires for a uniform look when designing earrings.

If you see any design on my website or facebook page that you would like in Titanium, please visit my contact page and drop me a note. It is my goal in 2012 to bring you more pieces to my webstore.

Interestingly, TITANIUM has opened another avenue for me......MAGNETIC THERAPY.

It all started with a friend who loved my titanium jewelry and wanted me to incorporate magnets in a bracelet designed for him. Magnets help releive his pain. This comment came from someone who I would have never thought would beleive in such a thing. So I had to do some research on magnets.

Did you know???

* The ancient Greeks and Eqyptians used magnets 3000 years ago to heal the sick.

*When a magnet is placed over the body, the charged particles of iron in the blood and other cell tissue become attracted to the magnet. The result of this process may increase blood flow, heat and the increase speed of oxidation and nutirent saturation body tissue. As a result, a person might feel more energized, awake or physcially beteras a result of this treatment.

* The human body emits electrical signals to inform the body and brain of pain. This pain may be physical, as with arthritis, or emotional, as with depression. Magnetic therapy, utilized across the body, might disrupt these pain signals. With the pain signals disrupted, the discomfort of physical pain is eased. Also, nerve chemicals that stabilize brain chemistry could be disrupted as well

*You should not use magnetic therapy if you have a pace maker.

*It takes approximately 30 days of wearing your magnets to benefit from their effects.

After my research and knowing I that suffer chronic back pain, I was excited to make his bracelet and curious to try it myself. Since my pain is located in my upper and mid back, I created a long strand of magnetic beads and hooked them to one of my chains, so it would cascade down my spine. Though it has not taken away all of my pain, I must say that it has helped with the nerve damage I suffer.

Being a jewelry designer, I had to see what types of jewelry designs were available that incorporated magnets. I can say that my pieces are unique, handmade and always one of a kind.

I have since created magnetic braclets, necklaces, pendants, rings, toe rings and earrings in both sterling silver and titanium, wherever you might suffer pain.

I look forward to your feedback, should you purchase any of the pieces in my webstore.

I am excited and encouraged to take this path in helping those, like myself, cope with pain.