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One of a kind handcrafted and custom Jewelry  

Handcrafted Wire Wrap Jewelry

Sterling Silver Ring

LETREK Jewelry by Marcia Kertel Designs


Unique handcrafted  jewelry for both men and women.

 All metals and gemstones,

Specializing in Sterling Silver, titanium, gold filled and leather . 

 One-of-a-kind handcrafted works of art created through wire wrapping and weaving techniques.  

 A true wire  jewelry artist,  never solders or glues. 

 All jewelry components are handcrafted, from the clasps on every bracelet and necklace to the ear wires on earrings. 

 Signature LETREK by Marcia Kertel Designs Necklace Chains are a staple with or without a pendant.  

Bracelets are another item making headway in it's popularity. 

Add Gemstones  for that unique one of a kind jewelry. 

 Hair Pins, rings, bracelets, pendants and broaches, earrings, necklaces, Cabochons, toe rings, magnetic Jewelry also available.

 LETREK Jewelry matches the gemstone with the wearer.

Gemstone meaning and gemstone healing properties, makes each piece a truly unique and special gift you or someone special. 


 Jewelry Parties and custom jewelry design available.


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